10 Reasons to Use a Tablet Wall Mount for Your Smart Home

Niduslabs for Amazon Fire HD 8 mount dock installed in-wall

Do you ever wonder if you’ve left an appliance on at home? Do you double-check if you’ve turned off all the lights? With smart homes, these worries will be a thing of the past. An increasing number of people, smart home statistics show, enjoy the benefits of home automation devices—like easy and remote access to all their appliances and more.

And why shouldn’t they? Who wouldn’t want cutting-edge gadgets in their home doing most of the work? Or a security system ensuring that their family has the best protection possible?

However, before you say yes to a smart home, consider the following 10 reasons why using a tablet wall mount kit is ideal for your smart home setup.

1. Information At A Glance

With smart homes on the rise many homes are becoming comfortable with voice assistants to handle a wide range of tasks and automations. Voice assistants such as Alexa and Google are fantastic at executing voice commands, but are not ideal for gleaning multiple data points all at once.

Want to check and see if any of your doors are unlocked? Open windows? How about current weather and how many lights are on?

With a tablet wall mount and the right dashboard you can answer all of these questions with a quick peek of your wall-mounted tablet!

2. View Camera Feeds

One way in which a wall mounted tablet truly shines is in its unique capability to display an always-on live feed of your security cameras. While you can certainly view supported cameras through some of Amazon's and Google's voice assistants, you can usually only view one at a time, and only when issuing a voice command to do so.

With a wall mounted tablet, you have the freedom to customize which cameras you would like to view on your dashboard. Want to see who is at your front door? Just take a peek!

3. Music Playback

Wall-mounted tablets make for an excellent way to control audio sources and output within your home. With all the best streaming services available to you on Android and iOS devices you have access to control music playback and choose where to output your music to.

This is a great option for guests to control music in your home as well, as you can always place a wall-mounted tablet in a common area where residents and guests can both control the music selection.

4. Scenes And Routines

What are scenes? Scenes are preconfigured settings for a group of smart home devices. Think about all of the lights you turn on when you get home from work. Or how you like to set your lights when eating dinner in the dining room or watching a movie in the living room. Most of us have more than one light you have to turn on, or window shades you like to close when settling in for the night. Well, you’re basically just setting up which lights, outlets, and devices are turned on and to what level, and then saving that preset into your home automation app of choice. Then you can activate that scene at the press of a single button, or create some real magic by setting up these tasks within an automation. Automations will follow preconfigured "triggers" that determine when or how your rules play out.

5. Cast/Airplay

Sometimes you need an extra screen to display some content. Watching the football game but also want to check in on the basketball game? No worries. Cast the game to your wall-mounted tablet and you can keep your eyes on the game(s) no matter what!

6. Water Your Lawn

Home automation products make our lives easier. Even so, we don't always have a want to whip out our phones to control every smart home device we have.

With innovative home automation products like Rachio, we have full smart control of when and how our lawns get watered. With apps for Android and iOS, you can walk over to your wall tablet and set your sprinklers to run at the press of a button.

7. Add A Voice Assistant

NidusLabs wall mounts are a perfect way to add a voice assistant to your home with virtually no footprint. With your tablet sitting flush on a wall, it is a great way to add a virtual assistant without taking up space like your traditional smart speaker or screen. Want to find out the lyrics to a song you like? Walk over to your wall mounted tablet and ask Alexa!

8. Control Your Smart Appliances

Lighting and music isn't all you can control in a smart home nowadays. Smart appliances allow us to automate the morning coffee brew, water the lawn, and even vacuum and mop our homes.

With a wall mounted tablet, control of these devices are just a tap away.

9. Digital Photo Frame

Your wall mounted tablet can also serve as a great digital photo frame! Setting up a photo carousel of your cherished memories is quite simple and makes for a great tablet screensaver.

If you have a guest bedroom you can set your tablet to display a beautiful photo of the guests who are spending the night. It is a wonderful way to make your guests feel like it is their room for the stay, and will show such consideration! 

10. Check Traffic

Never get caught in a traffic jam on your way out of the house. With a wall mounted display, traffic information on your route is available to you at a glance. Check your travel time. Check alternative routes. Your wall mounted tablet will save you tons of time (and road rage).